If you are buying a property, you will most certainly require the services of a local company to manage and possibly to rent out your property in your absence. Generally if a property is located close to attraction parks, approved for short term rentals, has its own private pool and has been furnished and maintained to a good standard, then it will satisfy the requirements of the many tour operators and wholesalers. 

For Regal Palms Buyers, if you have not yet purchased a property but are seeking to do so, we encourage you to discuss the matter with Our Onsite Realtor before you commit yourself to a particular purchase. We will be happy to give you, at no cost and without any obligation, the benefit of our considerable experience in the Regal Palms Rental Market.


1) Identify what property to purchase.


2) Realtor will prepare a written offer with an initial deposit of $1,000 payable to the Sellers Title Company (Listing Realtor will provide the details). This is refundable if seller does not agree with the offer.


3) When Buyer and Seller agrees to the purchase price in writing (Executed Contract), Buyer will need to send their next deposit (upto $9K) to the Title Company within 7 days of contracts effective date. For Buyers residing outside the US, Exchange Rates from Banks may be lower than Money Exchange Experts, we will be glad to introduce you to a company that we currently work with.


4) Inspection or Appraisal can be ordered and performed within 3-10 days.


5) An introduction to the Management Company will follow.


6) If everything is satisfactory and if the Buyer is here and available, we can perform a walk through or our Onsite Agent or Property Management Company can perform this for you.


7) The Title Company will then prepare ALL closing documents. These will be emailed to the Seller and Buyer for signatures. Closing Documents including funds to close will need to be sent to the Title Company for completion.


* If obtaining a Mortgage, please be Pre-Approved first before choosing what property to buy. We work with Private lenders if local banks cannot approve you. They normally require a higher down payment and offer a higher interest rate with upfront fees before closing.

Exchange Rates from Banks may be lower than Money Exchange Experts, we will be glad to introduce you to a company that we currently work with.

Contact Brian Bernal for more information or click here to make sure your Funds will reach it's destination with the Best Exchange rate.

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